West End Stockholm

Välkommen att söka till Musikalen ALL SHOOK UP

West End Stockholm kommer i november 2019 sätta upp musikalen All shook up med uppstart juni -19
Det kommer spelas ca 10 – 12 st föreställningar i Stockholm.

Vi söker en spelålder på roller mellan 16- 30 år med ett starkt scenuttryck samt god dans- & sångvana.

Vi söker även en manlig samt en kvinnlig roll med en spelålder mellan 40 – 50 år med starkt speluttryck och sångvana.
Kort roll info kan ni se via vår hemsida: www.westendstockholm.se
Audition kommer att äga rum helgen 18-19 maj 2019 med en gallring från lördagen till söndagen.
Mer information gällande auditionhelgen, så som hålltider & material kommer med kallelse efter ansökan.

Ansökan till Audition med CV görs här allshookup@westendstockholm.se senast 10 maj

Det kreativa teamet förbehåller sig rätten att göra en gallring redan vid mail-ansökan vid högt intresse.

Detta är en semiprofessionell föreställning, vilket betyder att vi tyvärr inte kan betala varken roller eller ensemble, men vi siktar högt & har ett professionellt kreativt team som gör att du & vi tillsammans kan skapa just, en professionell föreställning.


Thomas Creutz – regi
Emanuel Bagge – koreografi & sång
Jerry Adbo – sånginstudering & köransvarig
Per Brandels – scenograf



All Shook Up Character List

Name Gender Vocal Part


Natalie Heller/Ed female alto


Chad male baritone


Jim Haller male baritone


Miss Sandra female alto


Dean Hyde male tenor


Lorraine female belt


Sheriff Earl male baritone


Mayor Matilda Hyde female alto


Dennis male tenor


Sylvia female belt


The Ensemble will play numerous singing/dancing roles in the show. The inmates,

barflies, statues, devilettes, angels, townspeople, guys, gals, etc will all be cast from

the ensemble, as well as a few small speaking roles. The ensemble or members of

the ensemble perform in 15 of the musical acts and provide a backdrop for a majority

of the scenes.


Female Roles



Natalie is a young girl who dreams of falling in love with a special guy.

She lives with her father, Jim, and helps him run his gas station.


Miss Sandra is the beautiful curator of the town museum and becomes the

love interest that Natalie wishes to have for her own. Beautiful and

intelligent, she wants substance in a guy.


Lorraine is the daughter of Sylvia who runs the local honky tonk/blues

nightstop and bar. She is also looking for youthful love. This role

could be for white or black cast members.


Sylvia is the owner of the local nightstop and bar where folks gather to have

a good time with good music be it rock or blues. She’s a bit similar to

HAIRSPRAY’s Motormouth Maybelle.


Mayor Matilda Hyde wants to keep the devil out of her town. Her son,

Dean, is being shipped off to a military school because he’s become

too cozy with Lorraine.




Chad is a loner who is a young rebel in the James dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis

Presley mold. He has drove his motorcycle into a small but

conservative Town where he finds several opportunities for love.


Dennis is a young man who is in love with Natalie, but who Natalie is only

interested in as a friend. Dennis would do anything for Natalie, but

eventually finds love in Miss Sandra.


Dean is the son of the conservative mayor, Matlida, who does not like what

she sees in his development and decides she will send him off to

military school. He becomes interested in and the love interest of



Jim is Natalie’s father and he, too, is looking for love. He eventually finds her

In the person of Miss Sylvia, the local honky-tonk owner.


Sheriff Earl has been enforcing the consistently conservative laws of the

town under the leadership of Ms. Matilda. They eventually find one



Thomas Creutz – regi
Emanuel Bagge – koreografi
Jerry Adbo – sånginstudering & köransvarig